Friday, 29 November 2013

Crochet hat #6 - Disaster!

Well the titanic has nothing on this.

Now I'll admit I am not the most seasoned crocheter, I can do but don't do that often. That was probably my downfall!

As my knit a book project has some crochet patterns, I thought hey hoe in for a penny and all that.  According to the blurb "..... Best part is the estimated stitching time - only three hours". Now this might be true if you can crochet like The Flash (superhero who is super fast for those not in the know) or indeed if the pattern was correct but I've failed to hit the three hour target. I think I'm on about eight by now (and counting).

Now getting to the real reason for the disaster. Yes as stated above the pattern is WRONG. There is NOTHING on the official errata page for the book so blindly followed the written instructions. I supposed if I crocheted more I would have realised it wasn't right earlier but just kept thinking, it'll work out.

It didn't. 

Eventually I had a ping {lightbulb} moment and looked at the project page on Ravelry. Luckily someone on there noticed the mistake and gave the correct instructions.  Much frogging later I think I'm back on track.

I will be noting the error on my project page notes.

What would the world of knitting/crochet do without Ravelry?

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