Sunday, 4 May 2014

Hera Headband #9 - completed

What a quick and stashbusting knit, this gorgeous hairband took hardly any yarn at all.

A more intricate pattern but the simple, but very effective, cabling is created using twists (knit 2nd stitch on needle, then the 1st one) so no separate cable needle is required. 

I used left over DK yarn to make this so it will match the dress I made.

I would make this again but note if you are tempted there is a published errata for this on-line.

Well #9 marks the end of 'headwear' on my epic knit a book challenge. I've enjoyed making them all but my favorite had to be #5, turbantime. It was fun and different. I don't think I would ever make #2, knothead, again but that is down to personal taste, it was just silly (or I'm getting old!).

As I've said before the only issue I've had with all the hats is size, they were on the small size so if you do have a bigger head or loads of hair you might need to adjust to fit.

Well onwards and downwards, gloves/mitts next x

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Emma's Star #8 - completed

Sorry for the delay on this project, sick children will insist you spend time looking after then and not knitting/blogging, so selfish!

Well Emma's star is done. Am I happy? Yes and No 

I am happy as the pattern is nice, the yarn looks good and it was quick and easy to do.

I'm unhappy as it is supposed to be a BERET and fit a large child/small adult. Now I know I'm a tight knitter but for a the will in the world this couldn't fit more than a child. Number 1 daughter is only 5 and it's snug!

If I had fiddled with needle size I think the pattern would not have been as effective but if I ever remake for an adult then I think DK would give a better size.  Still the daughter is happy.

As for the beret .....

Well I was going to block it over a plate to see if it made a difference but it was pulled on and after an age looking this way and that on the mirror, it was exclaimed "I like it like this", the Emma's Star Beanie was born.

So next project is the Hera Headband, the last head project on the 'knit a book' journey, so until next time


Sunday, 2 February 2014

Emma's Star #8 - knit a book is back

Firstly, well late, but happy new year everybody! 

So this is the first 'knit a book' project of 2014. I'm hoping to get more than 7 patterns done this year or I might never get this project done. If I go at the same rate as last year we are talking about 14 years to get them all done!  Not acceptable, especially as they don't take long once you start.

So far I'm loving it and think my daughter has claimed it as she keeps stroking it and saying "I like that mummy"

I'm using the magic loop technique for the hat. According to the pattern you should use 5 (yes 5!) DPNs. Seriously 5!  I struggle sometimes keeping 4 in the right place when there are only a couple of stitches on each can you imagine 5? Thank goodness for magic loop

Well I'm going to get off and get done more beret knit 

Cheerio for now

Monday, 9 December 2013

Horizontal Rib Hat #7 - blink and you'll miss it

Yes, that how quickly I knit this hat, well slight (huge) exaggeration.

I made the hat on DPNs as my smallest circular needle wasn't small enough. The pattern does suggest you use sock yarn doubled throughout, however I'm currently making a cowl in DK and used that so they match (well colour wise but not pattern wise). Plus seriously who can be arsed to find the center of a ball!

A tip for casting on using DPNs, which you all probably know.  I find it easier to cast on using two needles then split the stitches from the beginning onto 3 needles. If i try and cast on over 3 needles i find i get into a twist.  For example you need to cast on 60. Using two DPNs cast on 40 stitches.  From the beginning then slip 20 stitches onto another DPN, then cast on the final 20 stitches. Then as above slip stitches 21-40 onto a spare DPN, then swap you last and first stitch and your ready to rock n roll OR knit depending on what tickles your fancy.

A very very quick easy to follow knit which creates a lovely stretchy beanie hat. I knit this in less than a day, yes it was that quick.  A very good knit for beginners who want to give 3 needle knitting a go.

As you can see I was lucky enough to grab a passing princess to model.

This will be last knit a book project this year. I have other knitting I need to do for Christmas, I should have it noshed by February!

The saga will continue in January with project #8.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Crochet hat #6 -finished but teeny tiny

Well, that took a lot longer than 3 hours, A LOT!

Am I happy with the end result? Yes it's a lovely wee hat, wee being the operative word. Now I know I followed the pattern correctly as I double checked the stitches and everything as they were American versions but for some reason this is the finished product.

That won't go over my head! On the bright side number 1 daughter is pleased as her baby has a new hat. It is a lovely pattern and once I got over the mistakes in the pattern, I'm pleased I finished it but would like to know why it's so small.

Any experienced crochet person know?

Friday, 29 November 2013

Crochet hat #6 - Disaster!

Well the titanic has nothing on this.

Now I'll admit I am not the most seasoned crocheter, I can do but don't do that often. That was probably my downfall!

As my knit a book project has some crochet patterns, I thought hey hoe in for a penny and all that.  According to the blurb "..... Best part is the estimated stitching time - only three hours". Now this might be true if you can crochet like The Flash (superhero who is super fast for those not in the know) or indeed if the pattern was correct but I've failed to hit the three hour target. I think I'm on about eight by now (and counting).

Now getting to the real reason for the disaster. Yes as stated above the pattern is WRONG. There is NOTHING on the official errata page for the book so blindly followed the written instructions. I supposed if I crocheted more I would have realised it wasn't right earlier but just kept thinking, it'll work out.

It didn't. 

Eventually I had a ping {lightbulb} moment and looked at the project page on Ravelry. Luckily someone on there noticed the mistake and gave the correct instructions.  Much frogging later I think I'm back on track.

I will be noting the error on my project page notes.

What would the world of knitting/crochet do without Ravelry?

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

I vont to be alone #5 - finished

It's done and I'm more than pleased with this, I'm over the blinking moon! Greta Garbo eat your heart out.

Using the three needle cast off to create the loop was great, no sewing!

I manage to construct it without using a head form, I used my husbands instead. I think without a solid surface the pinning wouldn't have been as easy. Folding into shape was very straight forward and I easily followed the diagram in the book.

The only downside I can find is I might have too much hair to really do this hat justice. I think short hair would probably work better.

Well, that's project 5 done. The next hat is crochet and as I've not done that for a while it might get interesting.

Laters, I'm off to find my inner Jennifer Saunders x