Thursday, 31 January 2013

Moss landing hat #1 - cast on complete

So managed to cast-on last night after kids went to bed.

However it did not go as smoothly as you would think! Pattern is using small circular cast on 108 stitches. So after digging out my smallest circular needle I started cast on. I then double checked pattern. I then re-counted my stitches. I then repeated the last two steps!

It would appear my smallest circular just isn't small enough, the stitches would not join. Therefore I dug out my old reliable DPNs and cast on with them. I managed to get to row 2 of lace pattern before bed called.

Tonight is 'knit night' I have texted a friend and am getting a one-on-one lesson on the magic loop technique as I think this might turn out to be essential to finish the book without going DPN mad.  I'll let you know how it all goes.

To be continued ...

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Moss Landing Hat - Pattern #1

So excitement has reached fever pitch in Happy Knitter's life. Yes, ok maybe that is a slight exaggeration but I'm about to start the 1st pattern in my epic book knit.

Just incase you missed it, the idea is I'm going to knit the whole book (sock yarn, One-Skein Wonders) starting at pattern #1 right through to pattern #101.

I must admit I'm concerned about only one pattern, the umberella lampshade (mainly cause its gawd awful) and from reading the instructions you need a degree in engineering to construct it once the knitting is done. However if your going to knit a book you can't pick and choose but no-body said you can't modify, did they?

The yarn chosen from my stash for the 1st project is a blue/purple blend. It was going to be a sock but as it had been hibernating since last July and the pattern wasn't biting me on the bum decided to utilise the yarn on this instead and the sock is frogged.

To be continued .....