Friday, 7 June 2013

Twist and slouch #4 - Finished

Well number 4 done and dusted.

Nice pattern and I quite like the 'twist'. Very easy to make and a good introduction to a provisional cast on if you have never done it. The twist is created by picking up the provisional cast on stitches and knitting the rows straight until the desired length is achieved. You then just tie them in a knot, nice, simple and effective.

The yarn used was 'donated' to the knit a book project so I will be posting the hat to America and I just hope Michelle likes what I made her yarn into.

Like all the hats made so far it's on the snug side so if you have a big head either add extra stitches when casting on or use a different needle size.

Now I have to cast on a shrug for my mum and I'm hoping to get a shawl made for myself for holidays, well a girl can dream!

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Twist and Slouch #4 - does anyone else miss purl?

Main body of hat complete. Tomorrow I will unravel the provisional cast off and finish the 'twist' off, I hope my yarn donor likes it!

I have been finding recently that I miss purling.  When I learnt to knit nearly all patterns were created on straight needles. You had none of this seamless stuff and circular needles were only rarely used.  Now so many patterns are created with circulars I find I'm purling less and less.

Don't get me wrong, seamless knitting has bonuses. I HATE sewing up so obviously not having to do that is a major tick in the box.  But I do find that now when I have inches of stocking stitch (like in this hat) my heart sinks a wee bit as it just a bit boring, purling used to jazz it up now it's just knit, knit, knit. Does anyone else feel like this?

Anywho ... Moan over (for now) latest pick attached. Back to work tomorrow so might not get the t finished tomorrow but will try.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Twist and Slouch #4

No messing around here, straight into pattern #4 today.

This pattern requires a provisional cast on. My preferred method is to crochet a chain and then knit into the loops. I find when it's time to undo and pick up stitches it comes undone quickly and easily.

Apart from a inch of rib when you first cast on this whole hat is in plain knit so hopefully will be another quick one.

This hat is a little bit different to the previous hats as this is the first pattern I'm making using donated yarn.  The idea is if you have some sock yarn/4 ply lying around and your not sure what do with it then you send it to me with a return address. I then decide what to knit it into and return your finished item.  You won't know what your getting until it gets returned (or unless you recognise your yarn on my blog!), a nice wee twist.

Until next time

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Desiree's hat - finished

KWell well, how quick was that?

Seriously a nice knit, quick easy and if you don't have kids annoying you every two minutes and easy decrease at the end for shaping. I did have to swap to DPNs after a few decreases but magic loop could be used if preferred.

You might have guessed from my last comment I cocked up the decrease. I've absolutely no idea how but I had 5 extra stitches at the end, 15 instead of 5. I decided to just live with it and cast off and hey presto it works so the luck of the gods is with me.

I would make this again, it is a simple but effective pattern and another goodie for beginners wanting a go at a simple pattern.

So of to twist and slouch ...

The hat has been kindly modelled by my wee man, just incase your wondering it's not his size!