Monday, 9 December 2013

Horizontal Rib Hat #7 - blink and you'll miss it

Yes, that how quickly I knit this hat, well slight (huge) exaggeration.

I made the hat on DPNs as my smallest circular needle wasn't small enough. The pattern does suggest you use sock yarn doubled throughout, however I'm currently making a cowl in DK and used that so they match (well colour wise but not pattern wise). Plus seriously who can be arsed to find the center of a ball!

A tip for casting on using DPNs, which you all probably know.  I find it easier to cast on using two needles then split the stitches from the beginning onto 3 needles. If i try and cast on over 3 needles i find i get into a twist.  For example you need to cast on 60. Using two DPNs cast on 40 stitches.  From the beginning then slip 20 stitches onto another DPN, then cast on the final 20 stitches. Then as above slip stitches 21-40 onto a spare DPN, then swap you last and first stitch and your ready to rock n roll OR knit depending on what tickles your fancy.

A very very quick easy to follow knit which creates a lovely stretchy beanie hat. I knit this in less than a day, yes it was that quick.  A very good knit for beginners who want to give 3 needle knitting a go.

As you can see I was lucky enough to grab a passing princess to model.

This will be last knit a book project this year. I have other knitting I need to do for Christmas, I should have it noshed by February!

The saga will continue in January with project #8.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Crochet hat #6 -finished but teeny tiny

Well, that took a lot longer than 3 hours, A LOT!

Am I happy with the end result? Yes it's a lovely wee hat, wee being the operative word. Now I know I followed the pattern correctly as I double checked the stitches and everything as they were American versions but for some reason this is the finished product.

That won't go over my head! On the bright side number 1 daughter is pleased as her baby has a new hat. It is a lovely pattern and once I got over the mistakes in the pattern, I'm pleased I finished it but would like to know why it's so small.

Any experienced crochet person know?

Friday, 29 November 2013

Crochet hat #6 - Disaster!

Well the titanic has nothing on this.

Now I'll admit I am not the most seasoned crocheter, I can do but don't do that often. That was probably my downfall!

As my knit a book project has some crochet patterns, I thought hey hoe in for a penny and all that.  According to the blurb "..... Best part is the estimated stitching time - only three hours". Now this might be true if you can crochet like The Flash (superhero who is super fast for those not in the know) or indeed if the pattern was correct but I've failed to hit the three hour target. I think I'm on about eight by now (and counting).

Now getting to the real reason for the disaster. Yes as stated above the pattern is WRONG. There is NOTHING on the official errata page for the book so blindly followed the written instructions. I supposed if I crocheted more I would have realised it wasn't right earlier but just kept thinking, it'll work out.

It didn't. 

Eventually I had a ping {lightbulb} moment and looked at the project page on Ravelry. Luckily someone on there noticed the mistake and gave the correct instructions.  Much frogging later I think I'm back on track.

I will be noting the error on my project page notes.

What would the world of knitting/crochet do without Ravelry?

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

I vont to be alone #5 - finished

It's done and I'm more than pleased with this, I'm over the blinking moon! Greta Garbo eat your heart out.

Using the three needle cast off to create the loop was great, no sewing!

I manage to construct it without using a head form, I used my husbands instead. I think without a solid surface the pinning wouldn't have been as easy. Folding into shape was very straight forward and I easily followed the diagram in the book.

The only downside I can find is I might have too much hair to really do this hat justice. I think short hair would probably work better.

Well, that's project 5 done. The next hat is crochet and as I've not done that for a while it might get interesting.

Laters, I'm off to find my inner Jennifer Saunders x

Sunday, 24 November 2013

I vont to be alone #5 -update

Well what a lovely knit. 

For beginners this is a simple easy to follow knit for the more seasoned knitter a 'mindless' knit.  There is a bit of shaping at the beginning by using a simple increase, picking up loop and either knitting or purling into it.  Then you basically double rib (K2,P2) for 30 inches.

After 30" you split to create the loop and finish off using a 3 needle cast-off. A nice technique to learn and is really good for shoulders on jumpers etc.

I've got about an 1" left to knit before I cast off. Then I will be tackling construction. The book does say "this is best accomplished with head form" so I might be borrowing a head, anyone got one?

I'll try and get photos of the construction process and next time we will have a turban. I'm so excited

Thursday, 21 November 2013

I vont to be alone! #5

It's turban time!

I have been dying to make this, seriously Greta Garbo eat your heart out.

I've cast-on and am hoping to get this finished quite quickly. It's made in one piece, using a simple double rib, then 'twisted' in the turban shape and sewn into place.

Here are the first few rows.

On a slightly different note, sorry it's been so long since the last 'knit a book' project but I've had to make other things. Legwarmers (5 pairs), teachers scarfs (3), toys for Christmas fair and some other projects. All can be found on my Ravelry page ( ) or FB page ( ).

I'll update when a bit more has been added


Friday, 7 June 2013

Twist and slouch #4 - Finished

Well number 4 done and dusted.

Nice pattern and I quite like the 'twist'. Very easy to make and a good introduction to a provisional cast on if you have never done it. The twist is created by picking up the provisional cast on stitches and knitting the rows straight until the desired length is achieved. You then just tie them in a knot, nice, simple and effective.

The yarn used was 'donated' to the knit a book project so I will be posting the hat to America and I just hope Michelle likes what I made her yarn into.

Like all the hats made so far it's on the snug side so if you have a big head either add extra stitches when casting on or use a different needle size.

Now I have to cast on a shrug for my mum and I'm hoping to get a shawl made for myself for holidays, well a girl can dream!

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Twist and Slouch #4 - does anyone else miss purl?

Main body of hat complete. Tomorrow I will unravel the provisional cast off and finish the 'twist' off, I hope my yarn donor likes it!

I have been finding recently that I miss purling.  When I learnt to knit nearly all patterns were created on straight needles. You had none of this seamless stuff and circular needles were only rarely used.  Now so many patterns are created with circulars I find I'm purling less and less.

Don't get me wrong, seamless knitting has bonuses. I HATE sewing up so obviously not having to do that is a major tick in the box.  But I do find that now when I have inches of stocking stitch (like in this hat) my heart sinks a wee bit as it just a bit boring, purling used to jazz it up now it's just knit, knit, knit. Does anyone else feel like this?

Anywho ... Moan over (for now) latest pick attached. Back to work tomorrow so might not get the t finished tomorrow but will try.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Twist and Slouch #4

No messing around here, straight into pattern #4 today.

This pattern requires a provisional cast on. My preferred method is to crochet a chain and then knit into the loops. I find when it's time to undo and pick up stitches it comes undone quickly and easily.

Apart from a inch of rib when you first cast on this whole hat is in plain knit so hopefully will be another quick one.

This hat is a little bit different to the previous hats as this is the first pattern I'm making using donated yarn.  The idea is if you have some sock yarn/4 ply lying around and your not sure what do with it then you send it to me with a return address. I then decide what to knit it into and return your finished item.  You won't know what your getting until it gets returned (or unless you recognise your yarn on my blog!), a nice wee twist.

Until next time

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Desiree's hat - finished

KWell well, how quick was that?

Seriously a nice knit, quick easy and if you don't have kids annoying you every two minutes and easy decrease at the end for shaping. I did have to swap to DPNs after a few decreases but magic loop could be used if preferred.

You might have guessed from my last comment I cocked up the decrease. I've absolutely no idea how but I had 5 extra stitches at the end, 15 instead of 5. I decided to just live with it and cast off and hey presto it works so the luck of the gods is with me.

I would make this again, it is a simple but effective pattern and another goodie for beginners wanting a go at a simple pattern.

So of to twist and slouch ...

The hat has been kindly modelled by my wee man, just incase your wondering it's not his size!

Friday, 31 May 2013

Desiree's Hat #3

So it's been a while, what have I been up to?

I've been making a circular lace christening shawl for my Aunty and some stuff for my daughters summer fair, flannels, hair bands, dinosaurs ... All projects are on my Ravelry page 'Claire-Louise'.

So before I start my mum's 3 ply bolero I'm going to try and sneak in a couple more projects from my knit a book extravaganda.

So pattern #3 is cast on, rib is done and pattern has started.  Simple pattern but I like the effect. I have, however, found some of the hat patterns in the book on the small size. With this in mind I'm trying this one out with DK instead of 4 ply and I cast on using 3.5mm and changed to 4mm for the main pattern. So far so good.

The other problem I'm finding is my smallest circular needles are just (and we are talking just, stitches stretched a bit for first couple of rows) big enough. According to the pattern a 16" needle is recommended which is what I'm using.  Does anyone else find it a tight squeeze?

Well I'm off to try and get the first set of pattern complete and I'm hoping to knock this out pretty quick as its just a basic knit/purl combo for the effective stripes.

Until next time, happy knitting x

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Get Knotty #2 - Done and Dusted

So pattern #2 done only 99 left!

I really wasn't keen on this pattern in the book but made the large size and quite like it, now it's finished, as it's slouchy and not as 'stiff' as the knit looks in the book.

This was so quick to make and there was no sewing, you use a 3 needle bind off, which is always a bonus in my book.

If I made it again I would make the knot tabs longer as it was tight to get the knot made and have some tab dangling.

A great knit for beginners or a mindless knit for advanced knitters as its just stocking stitch throughout with no increases or shaping until you hit the tabs.

Got to make a friends birthday present now but looking forward to making the next project.

Watch this space .....

Friday, 22 March 2013

Get knotty! #2

Oh my lord!

This is such a quick knit. I cast on around 14.00 today and have zoomed. Very easy pattern, all SS, so you don't have to think about it or check patterns, nice change after my previous few projects.

How am I feeling about the 'knot'? Still think I'll look like a complete numpty but have made the large size so it will fit nicely over my pony tail and not be too tight. The large size has fit nicely onto my smallest circular needle so I haven't had to magic loop.

If it continues to knit as quick, expect a finished result soon

Sorry for the delay!

Well this knit a book malarkey is going to take longer than expected. I'll be casting on pattern #2 today and am quite excited about it.

So why am I only up to the second pattern? Well cause I've got so many other projects to do. Three have been completed since my moss landing hat. A baby blanket, a cardigan and some chicks.

I've posted photos incase you want a sneaky peek.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Moss Landing Hat #1 -finished

Yeah! Finished it last night but have not blocked it yet. Modelled reluctantly by hubster!

If anyone fancies a lacy hat it's a lovely wee hat to knit. A bit on the snug side but it would be easy enough to add more stitches on the cast on to make it a bit larger. It didn't quite take a skein so easily could have done this and still used the one ball.

I followed the written instructions, i'm an old fashioned girl at heart and they were fine but note there is an errata for the chart instructions, I found it on the pattern page on Ravelry. The pattern is easy enough and a novice lace knitter would be able to give it a go, I think!

All in all a great start to my project, 'knit a book'. Number #2 pattern in the book is the knot hat which is .... Errr .... Interesting. I'm dying to cast on but need to do a baby blanket might alternate projects depending on how I get on. Right, that's all (for now) folks, I'm off to cast on.

The saga will continue ....

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Moss Landing Hat #1 - magic loop mastered

So I have chucked (not literally, obviously!) the DPNs. Got a quick overview last week of the magic loop technique and am using this for my hat and loving how easy it actually is. Transferred my work in progress onto the circular needle and haven't looked back. Plus I now have the added bonus of my stitches staying in the needles, hands up everyone who has lost a DPN mid row?

Not got as much knitting done this week. My mum and dad surprised us with a visit, flying in from Spain on the QT, for my son James' 1st birthday. The actual birthday was on Sunday so had a wee gathering to organise and then {drum roll} I returned to work this week. The maternity leave is over and I've been so tired, I'm just not used to this work malarkey. I only work 3 days a week, Tuesday-Thursday so hoping to get the hat finished this weekend. The end is nigh

To be continued .......

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Moss landing hat #1 - cast on complete

So managed to cast-on last night after kids went to bed.

However it did not go as smoothly as you would think! Pattern is using small circular cast on 108 stitches. So after digging out my smallest circular needle I started cast on. I then double checked pattern. I then re-counted my stitches. I then repeated the last two steps!

It would appear my smallest circular just isn't small enough, the stitches would not join. Therefore I dug out my old reliable DPNs and cast on with them. I managed to get to row 2 of lace pattern before bed called.

Tonight is 'knit night' I have texted a friend and am getting a one-on-one lesson on the magic loop technique as I think this might turn out to be essential to finish the book without going DPN mad.  I'll let you know how it all goes.

To be continued ...

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Moss Landing Hat - Pattern #1

So excitement has reached fever pitch in Happy Knitter's life. Yes, ok maybe that is a slight exaggeration but I'm about to start the 1st pattern in my epic book knit.

Just incase you missed it, the idea is I'm going to knit the whole book (sock yarn, One-Skein Wonders) starting at pattern #1 right through to pattern #101.

I must admit I'm concerned about only one pattern, the umberella lampshade (mainly cause its gawd awful) and from reading the instructions you need a degree in engineering to construct it once the knitting is done. However if your going to knit a book you can't pick and choose but no-body said you can't modify, did they?

The yarn chosen from my stash for the 1st project is a blue/purple blend. It was going to be a sock but as it had been hibernating since last July and the pattern wasn't biting me on the bum decided to utilise the yarn on this instead and the sock is frogged.

To be continued .....