Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Crochet hat #6 -finished but teeny tiny

Well, that took a lot longer than 3 hours, A LOT!

Am I happy with the end result? Yes it's a lovely wee hat, wee being the operative word. Now I know I followed the pattern correctly as I double checked the stitches and everything as they were American versions but for some reason this is the finished product.

That won't go over my head! On the bright side number 1 daughter is pleased as her baby has a new hat. It is a lovely pattern and once I got over the mistakes in the pattern, I'm pleased I finished it but would like to know why it's so small.

Any experienced crochet person know?


  1. Could be the wrong weight yarn and hook size? If it was done with chunky wool and with a larger hook it would fit a bigger head xx

  2. Nah, I wish! It's the sock yarn and 4mm hook as stated. Maybe my yarn isn't stretchy enough?